Networks designed for your world

To optimise the performance of today’s business applications and unified communications, multinational companies need bespoke global networks that are scalable and supported by the highest quality of service. While network providers with a one-size-fits-all approach are unable to deliver, our resilient core infrastructure connects with the world’s top carriers to provide best-fit, best performance connectivity.

Agile comms powered by a flexible, purpose-built core network

Designed and built by Genius engineers, our Core Routing Infrastructure and Services Platform (CRISP) streamlines the provisioning and management of complex global converged networks. With a resilient MPLS-based core and fully SIP enabled, CRISP integrates networks from best-of-breed carriers to provide a quality service tailored to your needs. Centrally managed from our Network Operations Centre and with a single end-to-end SLA, services are delivered from local data centre hubs around the world to reduce latency for critical communications.


Connectivity that fits with the way you work

Whatever your operational requirements or budget, we offer a range of market-leading connectivity options to help you work faster, smarter and more efficiently. From affordable business class ADSL and Generic Ethernet Access, to the bandwidth benefits of Ethernet First Mile, to the high performance capabilities of full fibre Ethernet, organisations rely on our connectivity solutions to maximise the availability and performance of all their business-critical applications.


SD-WAN: Preparing for the impact of evolving technologies

Network technologies are continually evolving and we can help you prepare for new innovations by developing a clear roadmap for change. For example, we’re already seeing how Software-Defined Networking (SDN) can help to handle the exponential growth of network traffic. When software controls network functions in place of traditional hardware, you can quickly build capacity while saving cost and improving security. SDN is also one of the technologies behind the architecture of 5G, due to be launched in 2020. 5G will dramatically increase data transfer speed and provide huge additional capacity across fixed and mobile networks.


Genius SD-WAN: connectivity on demand

Our next-generation, SDN-based Ethernet fabric offers multinational organisations the flexibility, cost efficiency, security and quality of service they need to connect with today’s cloud-based business services and applications, when and how they choose.

Using our platform, companies no longer need to purchase long-term, fixed bandwidth circuits. Genius Software-defined networking enables the provisioning of dedicated 'elastic interconnects' between your network and other networks connected to our Ethernet fabric. These interconnects can be provisioned in seconds to meet precise speed and timing requirements. It’s all available on-demand – you can order by month, day or hour with no on-going contract, and upgrade or downgrade connections whenever and wherever they’re needed. 

Network solutions exclusive to you

Genius designs networks to fit your unique business requirements. Multinational, SME, enterprise or service provider, our clients demand best-fit, best-performance communications solutions that help people work more productively.

  • Multi-national business

    It was imperative we achieved consistent network quality of services and bandwidth control across our global sites

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  • UK business

    We were looking for the agility that would allow us to optimise network cost and performance in a rapidly changing business environment.

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  • Reseller partner

    The network carriers just couldn’t deliver what we needed on price and on time. We needed a network provider that understood the importance of service delivery.

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  • Technology partner

    Networks are an integral part of our contact centre applications. The need for a bespoke solution and agile network configuration was essential to our European market.

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